• 3CR12 is a unique South African developed and manufactured stainless steel.

• Enclosures manufactured from 3CR12 are slightly more expensive than mild steel

• Tests conducted by the C.S.I.R. over a 20 year period at various locations, proved the worst performance to be in depth corrosion of 10 microns, compared to more than 1 000 microns in the case of mild steel.

• 3CR12 should outlive any other material of comparable cost.

• It contains approximately 12% chromium and was designed as corrosion-resistant steel. As such, it will exhibit staining when exposed to aggressive atmospheric conditions.

• For esthetic purposes, it is recommended that powder coated units should be ordered.

• Due to 3CR12‘s good performance, all units can be root-mounted eliminating costly plinths and reducing installation cost and time.

• 3CR12 is 200 times more corrosion resisted and 40% more rigid than mild steel, resulting in reduced gauge.

3CR12 Stainless steel – the material which gives stainless steel benefits with mild steel economy and utility.


• Longer service life.
• Easy fabrication, similar to mild steel.
• Good weld ability – high integrity welds.
• Excellent impact energy resistance.
• High strength. Thinner material can be used.
• Lower cost – affordable stainless steel.
• Versatility.
• Saves on surface preparation and coatings.

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